New Racquetball Uniforms!!

Remember our last team meeting? We talked about our next service as well as getting new shirts for us all. Well, we’ve got that sorted out now!

We’re happy to inform everyone (team, family, staff) that we have officially ordered our latest team shirts and hoodies. We found a cool t shirt printing company (met them in a local conference) and they hooked us up with some cool swag. We loved the quality so we got in touch the next day. We finished the deal for 80 shirts and 30 hoodies.

I CAN’T WAIT to see them laid out!

Here are some of their samples on their site. I’m planning to introduce this to my company’s purchaser later for Christmas corporate gifts. Eventually, we can get uniforms from them when they start offering those.


Racquetballlive Hoodies Racquetballlive shirts


Yes, I did order the blue hoodie. Don’t hate! It’s the best for our look! 🙂

For the shirts, it’s not orange, BUT I’ll let you guys guess on that. Who designed? I gave them our design, they made the rest work and it’s not going to be wrong like this one LOL!

Next meeting: We’ll need to discuss our Christmas giveaways and exchange gifts.

I’ll see you guys next week for the meeting. We’ll have our new shirts by then. That would be a grand photo opportunity. It’s been 4 years since we last did one!


House Signs as Housewarming Gifts

Never know what to bring as a housewarming gift? While housewarming gifts are not mandatory, it is always a nice gesture to come with something in hand. However, gifts for housewarming parties can be tricky, regardless of the relationship with the homeowner. One idea that would probably be much appreciated is gifting a house sign.

A house sign is an essential item to any type of home. It’s funny when you think about it, but it’s already here in Manila now. Very Western feel, if that’s the way you want it to go. Whether it be for a huge country-style home or a small city apartment, house signs are always a fun addition. It is often the first thing people notice about a home and would most likely be the last thing they see when they leave. That alone, is reason enough to have a nicely installed house sign.

Homeowners are no longer just concerned with the interior of a home, but the exterior of a house as well. Having an appropriate house sign is a great way to add style and character to a house. Whether it be plain or funky, house signs are a huge part of representing the character of people living in a house. A normal looking house can have a more polished and refined look with an elegant and classy house sign that would do the trick.

Signs are no longer for purely functional purposes as many homeowners use them for their aesthetic use as well. House signs come in a variety of styles, sizes and materials that can immediately make any sign look extremely unique. From plain and simple ones to modern and funky ones, many sign shops are able to take on any preference today. And since many people pay attention to such items, having one according to one’s style is essential. These signs then make great housewarming gifts for a family to start living in a home.

While many house owners might want to choose a house sign for themselves, having another house sign is an option. Many big houses choose to have one house sign at the front of the lawn and another placed at the front of the house. Homeowners are then allowed the option install your gift at any of the mentioned places. House signs are also very easy to install as long as someone does it with minimal DIY capabilities.

Tips When Choosing the Best MBA Online Degrees

Be familiar with tips when choosing the best MBA online degrees such as choosing a school with accreditation, doing research and considering other important factors.

Why should career-oriented, driven individuals earn their MBA through online degrees? There are hundreds of online universities, both accredited and non-accredited, offering MBA programs with many specializations. More often than not, students get confused on which school to enroll in or what kind of specialization they should take.

Applying to the best online MBA program may seem to be easy at first. But with your future on the line, impulsive decisions won’t do you any good. Here are some tips to help potential distance learning students on their path to a better future.

Be sure on what you want to specialize in. MBA degree program specializations vary from each online university to the next. They might have a different course title but some have similar course descriptions that students should read to get as much information possible before deciding on what specialization would fit their skills and needs.

Make sure to choose an accredited online university. With hundreds of schools claiming to have the best MBA online program, students will get confused by which ones to choose. Be sure not to be scammed by checking the list of accredited online universities first before investing your hard-earned cash.

Always be wise when it comes to choosing. Don’t be lured by flashy advertisements, a cheap tuition fee and a promise of less time to complete the MBA program. Investigate the school first before getting an MBA that wouldn’t be of any value to you because it came from a fake school.

Do your research thoroughly. A school’s name and reputation are not enough to guarantee quality training programs. Use the Internet and read all the information relevant to the school of your choice before enrolling.

Make sure to consider often-neglected factors when choosing a school. Search through MBA programs that provide quality support, accessibility and a workable coursework format. There are some schools that provide interactive communication with instructors and fellow distance learners to discuss certain topics in the coursework.

Get some feedback from the alumni. One of the best ways to know if an online program is effective is to get in touch with the school’s alumni. Know their current employment status and if the course helped them to get where they are now.

Go for quality before price. Because MBA online degrees can be expensive, students would tend to choose the cheapest there is since they’re on a tight budget. It is an economical and practical decision as long as the chosen online university is accredited, has the right specialization for the student’s needs and has a good, solid online program.

MBA degrees have many benefits once completed. It is a worthwhile investment that will remain valuable to one’s life since it will not just improve the person’s career and quality of life but also the organization he or she will be working with. Online degrees might be sketchy to some people, but with the right approach in choosing the right MBA program, distance learners will be guaranteed quality training provided by the right online university.