After Party

We prepared a lot of things going into the event. We had to prepare for a business trip, setting up the court (stickers thanks to Spartan Signs) and planning the party. It was all tiring for sure. At least we had a blast in the after party!

Yeah sure, we LOST but it was a fun time. Everybody did their best and fought until the last second.

We really need to put in more time to train. Business is getting in the way of training! LOL.

Anyway, we sorta had an after party and it was all fun and games. Lots of interactions and all our families came over.

We had a blast, even though it was a kiddie party. It gave us time to cool down and enjoy the company while the kids were all busy with the games.

I wish we had more time though. It was just a couple hours tops but the food was awesome, so no complaints here.

I can’t wait for the tournament that is coming up, which is sponsored by the awesome guys at TopupPH (it’s a loading company in the Philippines) and the people at UnitedSolar (they supply panels and install solar power systems) – it’s going to be awesome!

As for the team, we will be going our separate ways for the moment. At least until we need to go back to practice by mid April.

It’s all going to culminate for the end of the year event. We’re all going to have to work doubly hard to get that trophy. It’s us against the country in that event. Literally.

Take care guys!