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New Racquetball Uniforms!!

Remember our last team meeting? We talked about our next service as well as getting new shirts for us all. Well, we’ve got that sorted out now!

We’re happy to inform everyone (team, family, staff) that we have officially ordered our latest team shirts and hoodies. We found a cool t shirt printing company (met them in a local conference) and they hooked us up with some cool swag. We loved the quality so we got in touch the next day. We finished the deal for 80 shirts and 30 hoodies.

I CAN’T WAIT to see them laid out!

Here are some of their samples on their site. I’m planning to introduce this to my company’s purchaser later for Christmas corporate gifts. Eventually, we can get uniforms from them when they start offering those.


Racquetballlive Hoodies Racquetballlive shirts


Yes, I did order the blue hoodie. Don’t hate! It’s the best for our look! 🙂

For the shirts, it’s not orange, BUT I’ll let you guys guess on that. Who designed? I gave them our design, they made the rest work and it’s not going to be wrong like this one LOL!

Next meeting: We’ll need to discuss our Christmas giveaways and exchange gifts.

I’ll see you guys next week for the meeting. We’ll have our new shirts by then. That would be a grand photo opportunity. It’s been 4 years since we last did one!